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Take your tongue on a trip south of the border with this fajita steak recipe.

  1. Carve a flavor canal to let the Shak Rub and sauce penetrate the inside of the meat.
  2. Shak it up!
  3. Poke some holes in the meat
  4. Rub it in
  5. Brush on your favorite fajita sauce
  6. Sear the steak by putting on the hottest part of the grill for two to three minutes on both sides
  7. Move to lower heat and cook to desired doneness

This simple smoke pork tenderloin recipe is sure to please everybody every time.

  1. Cut it down to size
  2. Coat with worcestershire sauce
  3. Shak it up!
  4. Smoke for an hour per pound

Beer and chicken. What more do we need to say?!

  1. Shak it up!
  2. Stuff peppers and onions inside the bird
  3. Crack open your favorite brew
  4. Once the can is half empty place the bird upright with the beer can inside the chicken
  5. Cook for a little over an hour on medium heat

There’s nothing fishy about this recipe.

  1. Shak it up!
  2. Brush on italian salad dressing
  3. Layer with onions
  4. Cook on medium heat until flakey